Bhagirath IAS Academy was establised by Ranjan Kolambe in 2007.

Shri. Ranjan Kolambe (M.Tech.)

In course of UPSC coaching, he has mastered various subjects like Economics, History, Science, Geography, Polity, Agriculture etc. and successfully taught all these subjects to the students, earing name and fame for these subjects, not through any conscious blowing ones own trumpet- type of advertising, but through slow, silent and more reliable month-to-month publicity. Teaching so many subject single handly has earned him a sobrique ‘one man army’.

He has authored quite a few books for the civil services in Marathi as well as English, which are known, the testimony of the students, for their simplicity, reliability, cost-effectivity and relevance. The popularity of the books testifies the author’s ability to discern what is important and what is not for the civil services exam.

Bhagirath IAS Academy’ was established by Shree Ranjan Kolambe in 2007. It has earned renown as one of the best UPSC and MPSC classes in Pune within a very short period.

            ‘Trustworthy’ is the most important adjective earned by the Academy under the untiring efforts of its able director. Its motto “...exceeding excellence” serves as a constant reminder to the Academy and to its students to long for and stride along the path leading to excellence, not just in studies but in a larger goal of life as well.


  • The academy has excelled in coaching for UPSC/MPSC Civil Services exam with the impressive array of the students who got selected to various posts.
  • Apart from the regular year round batches, various short term seminars are arranged. eg. a Lecture Series on Economic Survey of India.
  • The Academy, through its Publication Division, has published quite a few number of books : 5 in Marathi and 1 in English, all by only one person, viz. our founderdirector Mr. Ranjan Kolambe. These books too have received unflinching loyalty of thousands of students especially the ones who are preparing civil services in Marathi.
  •  We do not arrange the week-end batches. We do not believe in them. The civil services exam study is not something to be completed at week-ends.
  • We do not sell dreams to every Tom, Dick and Harry. We expect that only the most dedicated students should come to us.
  • Our is not purely a CORPORATE / COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY. We consider the civil service coaching as a SACROSANCT ACTIVITY, a god-given opportunity to be a lighthouse for sailing through the boisterous ocean of UPSC.