Crack The UPSC Exams With Taking Coaching From Us

The Civil Services aspirants have to take a full-fledged preparation for getting qualified in the UPSC examinations. The examination is not easy, and you would require proper professional guidance for cracking this exam. At Bhagirath IAS Academy, we are conducting the UPSC classes in Pune in a very dedicated and professional manner. We have a commendable track record of UPSC successful students from our Academy.

The strategy followed by us

At Bhagirathi Academy, we have worked out a strategy for our students for clearing the UPSC papers with a good ranking. We follow certain innovative and unique methods of teaching. The study materials are prepared in such a manner that makes it easy to grasp the subjects. We can fulfill the aspirations of our students with the proper strategy and direction towards the goal. Our members constantly endeavor for the improvement of the performance of the students. The UPSC exam patterns do not remain fixed. We keep track of the same and frame our Test Series questions accordingly. We also help our students to prepare for the Aptitude tests.

The following are the major points of the strategy employed:

    • The study materials and the classes are framed in such a manner so that no area in the syllabus is left out. There are chances of questions from any nook and corner of the syllabus.
    • We have introduced Interactive Learning Process in the academic sessions.
    • We also make use of a continuous monitoring system. It can elevate the person’s confidence levels.
    • Regular assessments are carried out. You can find out your areas of strength and the improvement factors that must be taken care of.
    • We undertake a performance charting in the UPSC classes in Pune which helps in the identification of the weak spots of the individuals.
    • The entire syllabus is completed as per the time schedule.

Our approach to teaching

We have brought about innovative techniques in the teaching practices. These are powerful tools to drive home the material that is taught. The Teaching Programs are prepared in a Module Based manner. We give focus on Concept Building which is essential to have a grasp over a subject. Along with this comes the Proof of Delivery mechanism. Our approach has been well appreciated and has been successful in making the students have knowledge of the topics easily. We give personal guidance as it becomes necessary to get the individual results. Our teachers keep a close eye on each student and try to better any lacuna found. Our mock interviews are very helpful for building up the confidence level of the candidates. The interviews and the tests are conducted in a real-exam scenario. This is very effective in driving out the phobia among many candidates. If any requirement of Personality Development training is found in any candidate, the same is carried out.

It is our professional and dedicated approach that has made our Academy successful. We have a brilliant record of many successful UPSC qualified students from our Academy. Enroll with us and celebrate a top class bureaucratic career.